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I am a British citizen with Sri Lankan origins, and have been living in Ukraine for the past 10 years. During this period, I formed a close friendship with my gym instructor, Yuriy.


When the war started, Yuriy joined the military and was given a Command position in the 44th Separate Rifle Battalion. They have seen action in Bakhmut, the Kharkiv counter-offensive, and most recently the defence of Kupiansk region. The 44th suffered some losses, hence the reason for creating the 465th Infantry Battalion.

I have been supporting on the logistics, fundraising where necessary, and transporting equipment directly to Ukraine, often in the East.

I have supported them by sending  multiple vehicles (Mitsubishi Pajeros, Shoguns and Mitsubishi L200's), Land-Based Drones, Mavic 3T drones, 40+ walkie talkies, Thermal Monoculars, AI Cameras, Ecoflow Battery packs, 50+ sleeping bags, 50+ bivvy bags, silent generators, replacement engines and engine parts, food, medical supplies, winter boots, trench candles, and sanitary products directly to the frontline, without losing any money or time through the inefficiencies of bigger organisation (no salaries/expenses) with the money going directly to the cause.


Literally, I drive everything directly to the front lines, tracking where the support goes, and know that not a single penny is wasted.

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Mitsubishi Pajero & L200 Story
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