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British/Sri Lankan Support for Ukraine

Armoured Vehicle Campaign June '24



Dear Friends,

I am a British citizen with Sri Lankan origins, and have been living in Ukraine for the past 11 years.

This new campaign is to provide a "Civilian Evacuation" Armoured 4x4 vehicle to the charity I work in Ukraine, to evacuate the elderly, children, wounded and those caught up in the fighting that are otherwise unable to leave. The recent news from Kharkiv region highlighted the need very clearly, as civilians were forced to evacuate on foot or in unprotected vehicles.

An Armoured 4x4 is required for travelling at high-speed over any terrain, threading its way through villages, tree lines, and up and down hills. All this to avoid being fired upon. The vehicle will be built with Multi-Layered defences, compromising FPV Drone protection systems, with Ceramic and Kevlar protective layers.


A high-power BMW M57 Engine will be installed to support the extra weight and high-speed mobility.


Click here to find out more About Me or my Past Campaigns.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Sanath and the Team

We have raised 33%

 £8373 of £25,000 

74 Supporters*

*Page last updated 14th June, 12:00

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